Qualified consultation and idea development? We’ve got you. Our experts don’t just make your project happen, but also advise you – if you wish – conceptually and strategically. We support you in defining your target group, finding your own style and choosing the right media platforms. Based on that, we not only put together an excellent team of experts but – if you fancy – we also have tons of creative stories in store for you!
Perfect preparation? We’ve got you. For the shoot to run smoothly, swiftly and perfectly we take care of all the important things in advance. Your film is already being created: with the final assembling of cast, crew and location – nothing can stop your shoot. And, on top of that, we also provide a pre-visualization of your film.
Professional realization? We’ve got you. Our dynamic film crew ensures a smooth shoot and a great atmosphere with a mix of casual vibes and professional attitude. Of course we only use state-of-the-art equipment. That’s how we create the best images and the strongest emotions – for the perfect result.
Precise post-production? We’ve got you. This is where Kopfkino Kollektiv comes from. So we exactly know that films come to life in post-production. That’s why we leave the editing only to chosen specialists from our network of experts. The possibilities are endless: from editing and colour grading, to animation, as well as sound and visual design. And a unique adaptation of the content for all your media channels goes without saying.
Smooth communication? We’ve got you. Thanks to our review tools, feedback loops are accelerated and simplified. We offer our clients platform-independent access to all decision-makers involved in the project. Time-code based comments and annotations avoid misunderstandings and lead to a fast and efficient final result.
We are a full-service production house with a modular approach. We offer customized and uncomplicated project realization – as a one-stop service.